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A Brief History of St Denys', Sleaford

By 1072: Anglo-Saxon church here, given as part of manor of Sleaford to Remigius, 1st. Bishop of Lincoln.

1086: Domesday Book: "There is a priest there and a church".

By 1140: Bears dedication to St. Denys.

circa 1180: Rebuilding begins — oldest part of the tower.

circa 1200: spire added.

1271: St. Mary's chantry founded in north aisle — dissolved on 1542.

1277: Henry de Swinderby is first Vicar.

circa 1370: Nave rebuilt in decorated gothic style— fine window tracery.

circa 1380: North transept/Lady Chapel built — very fine north window tracery.

circa 1430: chancel rebuilt in perpendicular style, and clerestory added to nave.

By 1477: Holy Trinity Guild established at east end of south aisle.

by 1559: Reformed Church of England worship firmly established.

1756 & 1772: galleries installed in nave.

1796: ring of eight bells recast.

1853: galleries removed; second north aisle/St. Hugh's chapel built and old windows reused; grand restoration — new pulpit, high altar, pews.

1884: tower struck by lightning and completely rebuilt from ground upwards. Perpendicular window removed and tracery reërected in S.E. corner of churchyard.

1891: present Forster and Andrews organ installed in chancel.

1918 onwards: Mediaeval Rood screen [late 14th. century?], retaining the original platform and pulpitum, with balustrade and Rood restored by Sir Ninian Comper.

1966: further restoration and rebuilding of organ.

2009: solar panels installed in south aisle roof.

2014: toilets installed in S.W. corner.

For further reading:

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• Many photographs on Google Image.

Further information may be obtained from Douglas Hoare, 01529 303506 or at:

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