Sleaford Parish Church 

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Baptism at St Denys

Baptism Dates 2020
All baptism start at 12pm
 Baptism Dates 2020
 Baptism Prep Dates 2020.
 9.45am in the Parish Centre
 Sunday, 12th July
 Saturday, 11th January 
 Sunday, 9th February
Sunday, 6th September  
 Saturday, 14th March
 Sunday, 23rd February
  Sunday, 27th September
 Saturday, 9th May
Sunday, 8th March
  Sunday, 22nd November
 Saturday, 11th July
  Sunday, 22nd March
  Sunday, 13th December
 Saturday, 12th September
 Sunday, 10th May
  Saturday, 14th November
 Sunday, 14th June
 Saturday, 14th November

To book a baptism please complete the form and return to the Parish Office, giving your preferred date from those listed.  There is no charge for a baptism but we do take a collection on the day. Godparents -We are often asked about how many Godparents a child can have.  We can accommodate up to four but they must all have been previously baptised.

Baptism Preparation - We expect all parents, and Godparents if they wish,  to attend a session of Baptism Prep.  These sessions are held in the church hall on the second Saturday, every other month and usually last about an hour.