Sleaford Parish Church 

Weddings at St Denys

Wedding Booking Form

Blessing Booking Form

Specified Evidence for Banns

Enquiries about booking a wedding can be made initially by completing the attached form and returning it to the Parish Office. Details such as date and time can be finalised at a later date.

Once your form has been processed, and a date and time have been agreed, we ask that you make a deposit of £50 (either by cheque or in cash) to secure your wedding. Cheques payable to St Denys PCC.

To comply with current legislation both the bride and groom will need to provide a UK passport.

Please see the table of fees relating to Weddings taking place in 2021.

There is lots of information available on the website

Table of fees 2021

Optional items are highlighted



 Wedding Service


  Reading of Banns


 Certificate of Banns 

 £15.00 (banns and certificate - £45.00)

 Required if the wedding is not taking place in the parish where you reside.

 Copy of Certificate of marriage


Supplied on the day of the wedding.

 Verger's fee


 The Verger will advise over any queries you may have before and during the wedding service.

 Heating (Compulsory between beg Oct and end March)

 £ 25.00

 Items below are optional: